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Rupes D-A Polishing Foam Pads

Rupes D-A Polishing Foam Pads

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The metallic film flow pack ensures excellent mechanical properties against accidental piercing and ripping. The new flow pack guarantees a high level of protection for the foam pads to preserve the original characteristics:


In addition to all-new materials the new D-A System Foam Pads feature an optimized pad height extensively tested to offer the best balance between balance and polishing performance.

The new, unique, contour edge improves pad stability and provides additional control in the curves allowing users to realize increased performance, even on varied surfaces.


The D-A COARSE blue foam pad is the most aggressive foam option in the BigFoot pad family. The design and material are engineered to optimize the cutting action of random orbital and gear-drive orbital polishers while delivering a quality finish. Pair the D-A COARSE pad with RUPES D-A COARSE compound to remove moderate-to-severe defects from most paint systems quickly.

The D-A FINE yellow foam pad is the most versatile foam pad in the RUPES BigFoot range. It delivers the rapid removal for moderate-to-fine paint defects while polishing the paint to a high-gloss finish on most paint systems. This pad is designed to maximize the performance of both random orbit or geardriven orbital polishers. Pair with RUPES D-A FINE polishing compound for high-quality results and a brilliant finish.

The D-A ULTRAFINE foam pad features a special formula which is strong enough to work with any dual-action polisher while being soft enough to polish the most delicate and hazeprone paints to a mirror-like luster. Use this pad on geardriven or random orbital polishers with RUPES UNO PURE ultra-fine polish to remove extremely fine defects or to burnish paint to a show car finish. The D-A ULTRAFINE foam pad is ideal for the applications of waxes and sealants as well.

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