Ceramic Protection Warranty


This warranty covers product applied on the US and US Territories. All other countries may have different warranty terms and duration.


Gloss Revolution guarantees that the proper application of Ceramic Coatings, which include but are not limited to CC1 Crystal, CC1 Plus and CC1 Ultimate by a certified installer will protect your vehicle’s paint finish against the following defects:

Clear Coat Oxidation
Color fading
Paint chalking
Fading of gloss
UV Damage
Bug impacts
Acid rain

Gloss Revolution is required to remedy any or all of these conditions free of charge, by a regional distributor or certified installer, providing all the terms in the warranty have been met. Gloss Revolution reserves the right to attempt the repairs through paint reconditioning before considering repainting the damaged area.


Eligibility varies by Model Year when annual service requirements are met. (Refer to Yearly Inspection Section). Failure to undertake an annual service will irreversibly terminate the warranty.

CC1 Ultimate
Model Year
3 Years Old or Older – 8 Year Warranty

CC1 Plus+
Model Year
0-2 Years OId – 6 Year Warranty
3 Years Old or Older – 4 Year Warranty

CC1 Beryl
Model Year
0-2 Years OId – 3 Year Warranty
3 Years Old or Older – 18 months Warranty

CC1 Crystal
Model Year
0-2 Years OId – 2 Year Warranty
3 Years Old or Older – 1 Year Warranty


  1. Validity of warranty is subject to the issuing of a Warranty Card by an Approved Certified Installer and registered within 30 days of application. 
  2. The vehicle must remain registered for non-commercial road use for the duration of the warranty. 
  3. Commercial Vehicles will not be covered by this warranty. Warranty only applies to vehicles registered as passenger vehicles.
  4. Vehicles over 3 months are subject to a machine polish which will be performed by a Certified Installer before applying Gloss Revolution Ceramic Coating Products. Newer vehicles are subject to inspection and if advised by the installer may also require a machine polish.
  5. If the registered vehicle is involved in an accident or event that causes damage to the treated surface, the vehicle must be taken to a certified installer for the retreatment of the affected area. Cost of retreatment is covered by the vehicle’s owner.
  6. The warranty is registered to the name of the owner of the vehicle and cannot be transferred to a new owner in the event of a purchase or sale. 
  7. Gloss Revolution provides maintenance and washing recommendations. It is the responsibility of the owner to maintain and wash the protected surface regularly to prevent accumulation of dirt and contaminants. Under no circumstance leave water to dry on the surface of the vehicle. Dry excess water as soon as possible with a microfiber towel. If any water dries on top of the vehicle’s paint surface, remove it using vinegar as soon as possible.
  8. Evidence of registration must be complete with and confirmation number must be saved for future reference.


  1. Warranty applies to surfaces protected by Gloss Revolution Certified Installers. Any surface treated prior to application at a non-authorized installation facility or dealership is not covered under this warranty
  2. Upon inspection by a certified installer, failure to have maintained the protected surface in the manner recommended by Gloss Revolution will void this warranty. 
  3. Warranty does not cover surfaces presenting swirl marks, water spots, marring, scratches, scuffs, scrapes or chips. These defects are not caused by the improper installation of Gloss Revolution Ceramic Coatings, rather by improper care of the protected area and washing techniques. 
  4. Peeling, Hazing or Fading of the clear coat.  
  5. Any damage caused by collision or external factor not related to the application and performance of the Gloss Revolution Ceramic Coatings are not covered under this warranty. 
  6. Warranty does not include compensation for any loss of time and use or vehicle while inspection or treatment are being performed.


  1. Warranty is subject to a yearly inspection. This inspection must be carried out by a Certified Installer within 30 days before or after the anniversary of the latest service to maintain warranty. 
  2. The yearly inspection is mandatory. Failure to meet this requirement will result in the void of the warranty. 
  3. The yearly inspection may require an exterior wash, paint decontamination and gloss renewal. A fee will be determined by the Certified Installer for these purposes.
  4. Yearly inspection must be registered within 30 days on http://www.glossrevolution.com/warranty  


  1. Any type of damage or defects that may be covered under this warranty must be reported to a Certified Installer within 30 days of occurrence. Failure to comply with this term will result in the void of warranty.
  2. Any claim determination by the vehicle’s owner is at the sole discretion of Gloss Revolution. We reserve the right to approve the claim and provide the repair/retreatment orrefunding the application cost up to a maximum of $800.00 dollars and the termination of the warranty, whichever is less. 
  3. Any dispute regarding the terms and conditions under this warranty shall be governed by the law of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. The involved parties agree to submit to the jurisdiction of that territory.


Certified Installer = an independently owned and operated business / company or individual approved by Gloss Revolution to install and apply Gloss Revolution products.