Ceramic Coating Car Care Guide

Ceramic Coating Car Care Guide


  1. Wash car every two weeks to avoid excessive contaminant build-up.
  2. Leave the dirtiest sections of the car for last. Wash car from the top down. 
  3. Do not wash car in direct sunlight to avoid the drying of water which can result in water spots. 
  4. Use one bucket for rinsing your sponge/mitt (dirty water) and one for soapy water (clean water).
  5. Use different soap and sponge/mitt for wheels.


  1. Completely dry the wet surface and never leave the surface to air dry. Tap water contains minerals that may leave deposits creating water spots.
  2. Avoid excessive wiping and only use quality absorbent microfiber towels. Let the microfiber material absorb the water.


  1. Remove surface contamination using non-aggressive products. 
  2. Never use excessive force to remove spots.
  3. Immediately remove bird droppings, tar, sap, etc. from surface to avoid staining or hardening of the coating.


  1. It is recommended to clean all leather and vynil surfaces every two weeks.
  2. Vacuum carpets regularly and immediately absorb and clean stains.
  3. Completely wipe off spills on leather, vinyl, or fabric.
  4. Use non-aggressive products for the cleaning of all inteior trim and pieces.