Marine Ceramic Coating Warranty


This warranty covers product applied on the US and US Territories. All other countries may have different warranty terms and duration.


Warranty of protection for vessels covered under the Marine Ceramic Coating Protection Warranty is 3 years. Warranty only applies to vessels protected by a Certified Installer of Gloss Revolution products and is subject to a Yearly Inspection.   


1. Warranty excludes any type of vessel used for commercial purposes before, during or after the application of Gloss Revolution Marine Ceramic products.

2. Product application must be performed by an authorized Certified Installer of Gloss Revolution Marine Ceramic products.

3. All claims regarding failure of product performance must be notified within 30 days of occurrence.

4. If the claim is approved, any type of repair or re-application of product must be carried out by a Gloss Revolution Certified Installer.

5. All vessels require a machine polish carried out by a Certified Installer prior to ceramic coating application. 

6. Vessel must remain continuously registered within the United States for the duration of the warranty.

7. Warranty is in the name of the vessel owner and can only be transferred if new owner attends to the yearly service. 

8. All vessels must be registered within 30 days of product application. Warranty terms begin the date of registration. 


Gloss Revolution or its representatives will not accept liability for:

1. Deterioration of any factory-installed equipment of substandard specification or any other matter covered by the vessel manufacturers’ warranty. 

2. Swirl marks, marring, scratches, scuffs, scrapes, chips to the painted surface, hard water spots. 

3. Rear of fishing vessels, walking areas or areas where fish are handled.

4. Waterline and areas below the waterline 

5. Pre-existing damage or deterioration. 


Gloss Revolution reserves the right to end the warranty coverage if any of the following conditions occurs. 

1. Neglect to maintain the vessel according to the maintenance recommendations by Gloss Revolution. 

2. Any type of damage not related to product performance including but not limited to collisions, use of abrasive compounds and/or manufacturer’s defects.

3. Failure to repair and re-treat surfaces subject to accident damage in accordance with the warranty.

4. Failure to adhere to any requirements listed under the terms and conditions of this warranty.


  1. Warranty is subject to a yearly inspection. This inspection must be carried out by a Certified Installer within 30 days before or after the anniversary of the latest service to maintain warranty. 
  2. The yearly inspection is mandatory. Failure to meet this requirement will result in the void of the warranty. 
  3. The yearly inspection may require an exterior wash, paint decontamination and a single layer reapplication of coating. A fee will be determined by the Certified Installer for these purposes.
  4. Yearly inspection must be registered within 30 days on  


Gloss Revolution warrants the owner of the treated vessel that if the Gloss Revolution Marine Coating treatment is unsatisfactory in its performance, meaning, if loss of gloss, permanent damage, and protection from contaminants occurs, Gloss Revolution and its agents will at no cost to the owner repair, clean, and/or retreat the affected area. Vessel must be maintained by Gloss Revolution recommendations and its subject to the terms and conditions of this warranty.


Gloss Revolution Marine Ceramic Coating treatment is ellgible to be covered by your insurance company. If the vessel sustains damage and reapplication is required, you may contact Gloss Revolution or your local agent to arrange any additional treatments.


The following applies to making a claim for any product defects or failures:

1. A Gloss Revolution representative must be notified of any claim due to failure of product performance within 30 days of occurrence.

2. Any re-application of product or repair must be carried out by a Gloss Revolution Certified Installer if the claim is approved.


Gloss Revolution is limited to the following maximum amounts of settlement for customers covered under this warranty:

1. Gloss Revolution or its representatives shall arrange the necessary approvals for warranty repairs and coating reapplication to be carried out, or;

2. Reimburse the owner of the treated vessel the cost of application or;

3. Replace coating product, or pay the owner of the nominated vessel the cost of coating product.