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FastDETAIL 18 oz (Ceramic Booster)

FastDETAIL 18 oz (Ceramic Booster)

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Ceramic based spray for ceramic coating. This product is intended to boost hydrophobic properties, slickness and gloss on the CC1 Ceramic Coating series. May be used as a stand alone coating to replace wax and sealants. Super fast to apply and very user friendly. Just clean the surface, no paint correction needed, spray on, wipe off. Our product is the only 18 oz bottle out in the market, giving you more value for your buck, this will increase vehicles per bottle. The cure time is from 1 to 2 hours. This will outlast and outperform other products on the market.

– Fast Application
– User Friendly
– Boost Hydrophobic Properties
– Increase slickness
– Higher Gloss
– Used for Ceramic Coating Maintenance
– Stand alone use for shine
– Fast cure time
– 4 oz More per bottle

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